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Before your first visit to the Barn, you might have a lot of questions. Many answers can be found just by looking around this site, but there are others that you may be asking yourself. We'll try to answer as many of them that we can...

What should I Wear?

Our answer: Clothes. Some kind of foot wear might be a great idea as well, since our parking lot is gravel, and might hurt bare feet. We really couldn't care less what you are wearing, so long as you show up!

Do You Actually Meet In A Barn?

Yes we do. This barn, however, is also a state-of-the-art sanctuary, with comfortable chairs, a sound system, a projector, the works. Of course, you can walk through two sets of doors and find yourself in our indoor roping arena, where our first meetings took place, and where you may find horses and goats. If you ask nicely, we may even show you the chutes!

Who Is The Senior Pastor?

Pastor Guy Walker is our spiritual leader. Having been a cowboy for many years, and being "lost as a goose" as he puts it, he has a heart for all the folks that traditional churches just don't seem to reach. Guy's driving purpose is to see folks come to a saving, loving relationship with Jesus Christ, and help folks discover the true life they are meant to be living through Him.