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About Barn Church

Founded in 1996, Barn Church was the first ministry targeted specifically to the cowboy. In the early days, everything and everyone was about cowboys. The Barn itself, the location of the first meeting, is an indoor roping arena.

Almost two decades later, we still meet in that barn, though we've been blessed to build an honest to goodness santuary onto it. We still have a heart for the horsemen and horsewomen, but we've learned along the way that the simple, no nonsense, open and welcoming approach that cowboys need... well, a lot of other folks are looking for that too.

There's no shortage of Stetsons on a Sunday morning around here, but now you are just as likely to find flip flops and high heels right alongside the cowboy boots. Our doors, and hearts, are open to anyone who is looking for a deeper, stronger relationship with Jesus Christ, and some great friends to help you on your way.